About MBG

Financial markets are not deterministic in nature. Markets are shaped by the forces of demand and supply, and such forces are influenced by a myriad of elements including economic factors, monetary and fiscal policies, political development, advancement of technology, participants’ perceptions, etc. As everything is interdependent and in a constant state of change, investors and traders are not working on certainty, they are essentially working on probabilities to achieve profit; and hence it gives rise to the crucial need of effective risk management. A failure to acknowledge the inherent risk in financial markets could spell irreparable damage to the very existence of a business or an investment entity. A good risk management embodies an in-depth understanding of human psychology to avoid emotional pitfalls, coupled with the unwavering discipline for timely execution. Here at Marina Bay Global Pte. Ltd., we are in the business of trading financial instruments and we trade on own account, thus we neither invite nor accept any outside funds. Meanwhile, we are also actively involved in web portal development, building good websites with useful content to serve the Internet community and the public at large.